Equipment Provision

ISPDCo provides services to clients in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Mining, Power Generation Industries, Marine and Offshore Engineering, Oil and Gas drilling industries in the Iran and the Middle East. At ISPDCo, we ensure that our clients focus on their comparative advantage, save money and time by outsourcing needs to a highly efficient and skilled team. We understand the essence of redefining standards in the industry hence; we have entered into strategic alliances with renowned names in the industry to continuously boost the level of support we provide to our client and their operations.

Offering the level of support your business demands,
at every step of the way.

Products we supply include, Valves, Drilling Equipment, Rotary Equipment, Pumps, Process Equipment, Instrumentation, Electrical, Safety Products, Maintenance, Repair & Operation Tools, Industrial Oil & Chemicals, HVAC & Refrigeration.


We have been the prime suppliers of Bulk Piping, Flow-Line Materials, Valves, Hoses, Safety Items, Mechanical & Electrical Machinery, Analytical Instruments and Non-Analytical Equipment to all leading companies like IOOC, NISOC, Mapna, OIEC Group, Petropars, PGFK, Keyson, NDCO, NIDC along with EPC Contractors, Marine Companies, Power Projects and to other reputed trading companies in the entire Iran. We are also engaged in general trade with respect to industrial instrumentation related to refineries, manufacturers, oil and gas industries. ISPDCo has evolved over the years to become extremely quality-oriented and this aspect is sacrosanct to the whole organization.

Our key workforce has over 10 years of experience in the industry and with such an industrial know-how our global network of supplier contacts has become extensive. These contacts combined with our expertise have enabled us to successfully deliver bespoke packages, meeting our client’s demanding delivery schedules, throughout the world.


 We have a global presence in purchasing products for various sectors of the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Mining & Power Generation Industries, which include items such as the following:


Gate, Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Plug, Needle, Actuated Control, Solenoid & Safety Valve  READ MORE>>

 Drilling Equipment

 Drawworks, Travelling Blocks, Coiled Tubing, Drilling Instrumentation, Drilling Generators, Wireline Equipment, Completion Tools, Oil Tools, Pipe Handling Systems, Duplex/Triplex Panels, Surface Safety, API & Power Swivel  READ MORE>>

Rotating Machinery

Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Compressor (Gas & Air), Diesel Engines, Generating Sets & Motors  READ MORE>>


End Suction, In-Line, Axially Split Casing, Multistage Screw, Vertically Suspended & Centrifugal  READ MORE>>

 Process Equipment

Filtration (Vessels & Filters), Heat Exchangers, Finned Tubing, Pipe & Tubing & Pipe Fabrications  READ MORE>>


Flowmeters, Recording Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Pressure Gauges & Averaging Sensors  READ MORE>>


 Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Starters, Lighting (Explosion Proof), Cabling (& Glands), Panel Boards, Transformers, Generating Sets, Contactors, Enclosures, Relays, Switches & Conduit Fittings 


Safety Products

Workwear, Footwear, Headwear, Hand & Eye Protection & Water Safety  READ MORE>>

Maintenance, Repair & Operation Tools

Hand Tools, Power Tools, Workshop Furniture, Storage & Lifting Equipment  READ MORE>>

Industrial Oil & Chemicals

Coolant Oils, Grease, Fuel Additives, Corrosion Prevention Oils & Machine Fluids  READ MORE>>

HVAC & Refrigeration

Air Conditioners, Blowers & Fans, HVAC Test Instruments, Pipe, Tubing & Chillerss  READ MORE>>