Time and time again, our industry experience proves that reliability is key for our customers, who require equipment that is well-designed and manufactured – equipment that can be trusted to get the job done efficiently every time.

Offering the level of support your business demands, at every step of the way


1.Top-Tek Tool (CRT)
At ISPDCo., we’re constantly looking for new technologies and methods to help improve our clients’ efficiency with low-cost solutions — our new Top-Tek Tool is the latest example. The Top-Tek allows tubular service companies, drilling contractors and well service companies to automate the process of running tubulars, effectively reducing manual handling and manpower while enhancing safety performance and increasing efficiency. With just the touch of a button, the Top-Tek system does the work that would typically require an entire casing crew. The automated sequence ensures smooth make-ups while providing precise control for final torque. The power and performance of the top drive is used to apply torque and, if necessary, reciprocate, rotate and circulate to overcome crucial or troublesome down-hole conditions.

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2.Conventional Casing Running
From power tongs and power units, ISPDCo. provides the full range of equipment and personnel to meet the highest industry standards for casing and tubular running operations.
Our power tongs are fitted with door safety inter-locks and integral back-up systems for optimum connections and can deliver up to 100,000 lbs/ft of torque to ensure drill strings are run smooth and fast.
Our purpose-built bucking units accommodate all tubular sizes and torque levels and are capable of complex connections such as offset make-up – particularly useful for dual completions or certain types of gas lift mandrels

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We offer a complete range of BHA drilling solutions to the energy industry, with optimized tool placement and BHA design to help ensure cost-efficient performance. Our API Q1/Q2 certified facilities are strategically located around the world to support our customers and help them increase the efficiency of their operations. We manufacture our own jars and accelerators, which have been used extensively across Middle East since 2012, to ensure that you receive a reliable tool every time. Our selection of BHA drilling tools includes:

  • Impact Tools (Jars, Accelerators, Shock Tools)
  • Stabilizers
  • Hole Openers
  • ROP Enhancers
  • Drilling Motors
  • Roller Reamers

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Rig Floor Pipe Handling Equipment
The ISPDCo Pipe Handling Equipment from well-known manufacturers make it possible to handle any pipes, regardless of size.  It features every type of casing, tubing, drill pipe and collar in the full range of sizes. The company offers heavy pipe handling tools such as elevators, spiders and power slips that may be fitted with a range of inserts to handle all sizes ranging from 2 3/8″ to 30″.
Having the reliability and safety in mind, quality control procedures are firmly in place with our supplied Pipe Handling Equipment. The offered equipment are including:

  • Power Slips
  • Hydraulic Elevators
  • Manual Elevators
  • Manual Tongs
  • Power Tongs
  • Rotary Slips
  • Elevator Links
  • Bowls & Bushings
  • Hinge Casing Spiders
  • Other Equipment/Services upon request

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