Vendor List Registration

To be able to participate in tenders in Iran’s Oil and Gas industry, the companies must be listed on the Approved Vendor List (AVL) of the project owner. As of 2016, the Ministry of Petroleum (MOP) has started compiling and maintaining a central AVL, the companies listed on which will be able to attend tenders and sell to EPC contractors.

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Getting Your Company Accredited

Companies should obtain “Iran Code” for every product they produce/sell. Then they can apply for being listed on the central AVL for each of those products. In the assessment process at MOP, each product is allocated to one of the four teams in Oil, Gas, Distribution, and Petrochemical fields.

MOP carries on the assessment on a quarterly basis. The process duration depends on the number of applications in the queue, and it might face delays due to filing insufficient documents by the applicant.

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