Ships Chartering

ISPDCo. regional and global direct and close contact with ship Owners, Charterers and Brokers empowers us to find right vessel in required place at most competitive rate to pursuit our clients’ requirement.

Offering the level of support your business demands,
at every step of the way.

To service the needs of our clients we are staffed by experienced brokers and management and have access to the very latest information technology Under the intuitive management of our brokers, simple beauty of ship chartering is re-awakened, completing the experience that defines ISPDCo. We work with our Clients / Customers to locate and provide efficient vessels to meet their operations requirement with due considerations to cost efficiency and operations.

Third party owners of offshore vessels can benefit from our experienced teams and management systems to run their vessels in the most effective ways.



The success of this business sector is due to our company’s widespread network of contacts around the world. The specific duty of this department is to quickly satisfy, through the network of close personal contacts it maintains, both ship owners and ship charterers the company often has preferential business relations with. ISPDCo has been working closely with vessel owners to reposition modern vessels on the client project.

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